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When we viewed our current house we had one reason not to buy it and that was the presence of a busy road nearby with the noise that comes with that. However, the house was very nice and the seller told us that there were plans to change that road, so the noise would decrease. We checked that and yes, there is a huge project ongoing with the rerouting of that road being part of it. The plan was that they would start last year, but it was postponed to end of this year. However, I just read in today's ...

Travel to Brittany

I was searching the web the other day for places to travel to. I'm going on a long vacation soon and I need some nice place to go to. I'm thinking of taking my vacation in Brittany. It looks really nice actually. So I think I'm going to search for a hotel in Brittany to see if there is anything nice available. Hopefully there is still some rooms left for me as well. If not I'll have to find some other place to travel to, but I really want to go to Brittany.

Doctor visit

Last year I got a terrible jointpain in my shoulder. I went to the doctor to ask if he could find something. On my way I went to the supermarket and bought myself a bag full of groceries. The best department of the shop is the candy department. I love all the colours you can see. Red together with blue. And the scent of the sweets, I love it. But as I said before I was on my way to the doctor to look after my jointpain. It was incredible crowdy in the waiting room. There were 6 men and ...